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Theme Based Event Planners in Delhi India

When planning an event, one of the first things you need to decide on is the event theme. A theme is an overarching idea or concept behind your event, that not only gives the event structure but can inspire guests and reinforce your event message and key takeaways.

Whatever event theme you choose – make sure you fully commit! This means being consistent with the theme throughout all event touchpoints, such as the invitations, programs, marketing, decor, dress code, food, entertainment, and music.

How to choose or decide your theme ?

Event Objective :-
First, you should be clear on why you are holding this event, and why people will attend. What message do you want to impart to your guests? What will be the key ‘takeaway’ from your event, will they learn something, support something, be rewarded for something, or simply have a great time?

Nature Of Your Event :-
The nature of your event and how it fits in with your business or brand will help determine the direction to go in with your theme. You need to be aware of it and tweak ideas where necessary.

Audience :-
Just like determining the nature of your event, you need to figure out who will be in attendance and what they might want or expect from this event and plan accordingly. If it’s an event where children will be in attendance then you can steer clear of the more fun themes, or if the event is attempting to showcase your professionalism to potential clients you can cancel the clowns. It’s all about what is appropriate to your audience.

Venue :-
If you can align your theme with your venue, your event will have that extra special aspect of being seamless. You can do this by either having a theme in mind and choosing a venue that can accommodate it, or you can choose your venue and then your theme to suit it.

AudioVisual Provider :-
Audiovisual partners can offer you the expertise of in-house AV technicians to bring your theme to life. Hiring an in-house AV team can be a great benefit, as in-house teams know their venues well and can offer you a huge knowledge and experience, and audio, lighting, and vision options to suit your event and theme.

Event Colours :-
You need to ensure that you’re choosing the right colors for your event objective, feel and message. As different colors create different atmospheres for an event like light colors, cooler colors, dark colors, bright colors. it’s important to consider the role that colors play in creating atmosphere. The colors you choose, be it for your decor or your lighting, say a lot about your event message, brand, and theme. Colors can leave your guests with an even deeper appreciation of your event.

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