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Medical Conferences Event Organisers in India

Medical conferences are supposed to fulfill a critically important role in the ongoing education of physicians, technicians, nurses, and other health care providers. There are many functions which these conferences meet apart from merely imparting education: sharpening the skills, ability to interact with peers and KOLs, trying new equipment, evolving novel and locally relevant ideas, developing consensus in contentious areas all leading to improvement in healthcare delivery, and patient outcomes.

Some of these advantages are opportunities to:

  1. “Sharpen the saw,” to take a break from the “work” to focus on sharpening the skills.
  2. Meet professional “idols” face-to-face: social media and e-media can keep one connected to peers who are both local and international; however, there is no substitution for meeting someone in real life.
  3. Try “new tools” in the armamentarium.
  4. Breakout from the psychological comfort zone into a new space which often sparks new ideas, new tips, and tactics, and even improves focus on new solutions.
  5. Meet like-minded individuals, in person, to sort out issues and help build consensus on contentious issues.
  6. Exposure to other professionals may motivate physicians to improve their performance and adopt continuous learning through the course of their careers.

CMEs are an integral part of learning for healthcare professionals.

While some learning is possible “at distance”, real-life meetings do have their own place.

However, there is a need to regulate the number of meetings and to make them more focused and directed rather than “me too” ones. Further, all efforts must be made to manage cost as also “the conflict of interest.”

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