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Our event management service provides press & media coverage through PR. Since we have a decent business relation with all news channels and leading newspapers, so we can provide you with better press and media coverage.

We also provide complete press coverage through print and electronic media to highlight your Product/Company/Event.


Press Conferences

press-conferenceAt Armaans Event, we provide professional services of press conferences for corporate or organization who wish to make special announcement to the public via press conference or media conference. Special announcement to inform the public or their clientele in mass of a new product launch, new services, new product update, new upgrade or any other corporate announcement.


Press conferences can also be arranged if you have official opening or official launches with VIP or minister being the guest of honor. Press or media are the journalist from the local daily, magazine and television station in India.


Indian Media Industry : Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Internet,
Indian Advertising Marketing, Sales and Media professionals speak.


news-paper-1Public Relations as a subset of marketing communication is becoming increasingly important in India. exchange4media has been continuously striving to serve the information needs of brand managers, marketing communication professionals and advertising decision-makers. PR Watch aims to throw the spotlight on this growing practice and its key professionals.

Public relations quietly has become the most powerful marketing-services discipline. He raises still see a role for advertising, but primarily as a defense mechanism for established brands and products, not as a builder of new ones. Public relations -- specifically publicity and the resulting word of mouth -- is what really build new brands, they maintain.

We are sensitive to the needs of those who have an impressive range of products and services on offer but are looking to bolster their profile, market presence and brand equity.


Armaans PR helps business concerns understand how, when and where to make their presence felt, so that their strengths are realized to their fullest potential. In short, our approach proves effective in developing the brand equity of our clients in key domains, such as the media, government, the world of business and finance, and the final consumer.

Through our approach and philosophy, we have forged lasting relationships with clients that figure in the Fortune 500 and Economic Times 100. Like us, they believe in themselves, while we make others believe in them.

Most industry executives might dismiss that as "a gross generalization" but all agree that PR is an important and growing tool being increasingly used by marketers.

asha-bhonsle-prThe business of media, advertising and marketing is driven by one resource-People. In this knowledge driven industry, its people's ideas and accepted wisdom, which shape winning strategies and success stories and at times lead to major failures. So, it becomes imperative to study and ponder on what they say, when they say and how they say. Armaans media interview of the week each time attempts to get into the mind of these honchos to understand where media, advertising and marketing industry is headed.

Armaans aims to inspire the readers, enrich their knowledge quotient and keep them ahead of the curve in the media planning, media buying, media management across different vehicles--print media, television media, radio and internet. Armaans additionally explores emerging trends and latest thinking in the areas of marketing, sales and brand management.

The survey also found that marketers cut PR budgets as a percent of sales from 0.09% to 0.07% last year, a 29% drop. The percentage of client PR budgets earmarked for product publicity, however, actually went up five points to 23%, even though total spending on product publicity actually went down 10% to $518 million.