Event/Theme Decoration

Armaan Events is now among the top event management companies in Delhi for producing truly exciting and exceptional events in conjunction with our excellent decor team and design experts.

A large portion of our business focuses on creating decor-themed events to achieve and reflect the objectives of our clients and reinforce their message, whether it be for a product launch, a grand opening, a trade show, business conference, convention, upscale reception or a celebrity show.

bar-tendersFrom the outrageous to the sublime, decor adds definition, ambiance and character to an event. But behind the smoke and mirrors enjoyed by guests lies a detailed design process that often resembles more of a science than an art. There's more to choose than an event theme and show-stopping visual concepts.

You need to think about everything, from safety precautions as well as whether props will fit through the door, and many other logistical considerations - which is why you want a company with many years of expertise to be entrusted with such responsibilities.

dance-floorArmaan Events understands that event decor isn't just about looks but rather how that decor enhances all the other event-planning components from the food presentation to the dance floor.

Our ingenuity, creative concepts and team of highly-skilled floral and table designers, graphic artists, prop/set/stage builders, lighting and special F/X experts consistently exceed Client expectations with upscale yet affordable creations. We offer as much or as little creative input as directed by the Client.