Birthday Party Organiser

We provide venue options to suit your requirements e.g. budget, location, indoor, outdoor etc. We also provide various themes for all age groups / genders etc.

Some of the common boys themes are Hero Themes, Bond 007, Pirates, Disney World, Jungle Theme while some of the most common themes for girls are Cinderella, Angle, Barbie etc.



Venue Sourcing

We provide venue options to suit your requirements like your budget, location, indoor, outdoor etc.


Theme Events

We provide various themes for all age groups / genders etc. Some of the common Boys themes are Hero themes, Pirates, Disney World, Jungle theme etc. while some of the common girls themes are Cinderella , Angle, Barbie etc.



Emcee will organise interactive games for kids, adults, interact and create excitement on the spot.


Balloon Decor

Various color themes can be selected on the basis of themes.


Balloon Entry Gate

Balloon entry gate increases the look and feel of the entire place.


Cartoon Cut-Outs

We will decorate the whole place with various cartoon cut-outs and themes etc. We can also provide self standing board for display of cartoon character with colorful satin drapes.


Stall Games

We can have various fun fair games like shooting, 7Up & 7Down, Kul-ja-sim-sim etc.


Magician / Puppet Show

A magician show for the kids or a puppet show for kids and all age groups can also be organized for FUN.


Tattoo Artists / Face Painters

Nowadays the tattoo artists & face painters also gives a decent artistic look to any show. Peoples are very much fond of having different forms of art on their hands and biceps like zodiac signs, rose, face of a lion and even their names. BUT the female generation has a different taste. They are very much attracted in having a nice bracelet tattoo on their wrist or a nice design on their biceps. Even we can have creative tattoos based upon theme or any exiting designs also.


Cartoon Characters

We can also help you out with various cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Micky Mouse, Dragon, Krish, etc.


Return Gifts

Depending upon the age group we can make an exciting goodie bags like Birthday caps, Masks, Piggy Box, Pencil set, Diary, Tiffin box, Water bottle etc.



Cake can be made as per the Birthday / Event Theme e.g. Jungle, Tweety shape etc.


Sound System and DJ

Sound System required for conducting games, Dance party etc. A professional DJ can play foot-tapping numbers, Popcorn & Candy. We can have popcorn & candy stalls for kids followed by chocolate stalls and fountains etc.

Have an Unforgettable & Sizzling Night With Armaans Event (P) Ltd.