09 Feb Wedding Planners Role in India

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Wedding Planners in India plays an important role in conceptualize, prepare and execute a well-planned wedding. They coordinate closely with both the bride and groom to determine not only the flow of the wedding but also to coordinate the different ceremonies and functions that occur in a traditional wedding. Few important things that a wedding planner should know or coordinate in regards to their role for an Indian wedding.

Getting To Know the Bride and Groom

Wedding planners needs to take out some time to get to know the bride and groom and find out their likes, dislikes and get an idea about their individual personalities; So that they could conceptualize the best way to coordinate the wedding program as desired by the would-be couple.


The wedding planner helps the bride and groom to choose and select the right wedding destination. Indian weddings are known to be such huge affairs. For example, Since a traditional wedding lasts for three days, so the wedding organiser must be adept at what goes on during the first, second and third day and all important rituals are done properly and in the correct succession.

The Food and Caterers

Wedding planners should be smart enough to provide suggestions to the bride and groom with regards to the kinds of food that they want to serve during the wedding. Because some Indian families strictly follow vegetarian diet and therefore would like to serve vegetarian food items during the wedding. Reputed and professional wedding planners already knew caterers who can meet their requirements. If the couple wants a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on the menu, then the planner must be able to offer the same so that the guests would be able to enjoy.


Wedding planners should also coordinate in choosing, selecting and booking the venue in order to implement the preferred wedding decoration of the bride and groom. Indian weddings are known for their colorful affairs. Wedding planners must be able to offer color coordinated suggestions so that everything would look perfect from entry gate, pathway, stage and area decoration to the table linen and all the way to the beautiful flowers that will adorn the reception venue.

Experienced wedding planners can put together all the above mentioned services with a lot of ease and at very competitive rates. So selecting someone to plan your wedding may be as difficult as planning the wedding yourself. If you are having trouble finding the right wedding planners to assist in your wedding preparations, it is recommended that you just give us a call or visit our office.

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